Saturday, 17 April 2010

Shooting Stars -

This hat was inspired by a Florence and the Machine song called Cosmic Love (I've already blogged about this). Although I like to think I have the voice of an angel I know that in reality I am tone deaf.

However I always seem to find my inspiration in song or words. Of course a picture can evoke an idea but the sounds and feelings you get from listening to an amazing track work best for me.

To make this I took a straw fascinator and covered it in black velvet. I then individually sewed each bead and sequin to the base and finished it with perspex rods. I used sequins, seed beads and bicones to create the effect of a starry night. In the sun this really catched the light well.

I dare not add up how many hours this has taken me but its been weeks of picking up sewing a few and putting down just so I dont lose the will to live with it. I hope its paid off and people like it.

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