Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Hair Accessories

Whilst the sewing machine is out I decided to make some different versions of the hair accessories featured on my previous posts. The top two again are attached to a hair slide but the cute navy and white star bow is attached by a hair grip.
Stars and bows seem to be on trend at the moment and they accessories will finish off your look. Keep an eye out at http://www.fraggiesfripperies.co.uk/ for further details for purchasing.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Check this out....

If you want to see what the next generation of designers are up to watch the Southampton Solent Graduate Fashion Show live. Follow the link below to watch the show online on Wednesday 4th June at 6:30pm.


Sunday, 15 June 2008

My New Project!

My OH found this fab dolls house at the..... yes you guessed it car boot sale. :D

It cost £15 which I think is a bargain. It is battered and bruised and most of the furniture is damaged but with a little tlc I can restore it to its former glory. It's meant to be for my daughter but I have a feeling that I will be playing with it more than her.

Oooh I cant wait to get started.

Saturday, 14 June 2008

New Stuff...

My friend asked me to create some accessories for her graduation show. Below are the results (that I remembered to photograph) The first two are hair accessories attached by comb and the ring is a funky elasticated pink ruffle.

I want to wish my friend the best of luck for her show, she's dealt with so much recently and she deserves to do well. Good luck 'Placebo Lady'!!! ;)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Card Fun

This weekend has been spent mainly making cards. I had a flash of inspiration so made the most of an empty house whilst the 'rabble' were at the seaside. (apologies for the iffy photo quality)

This first card was inspired by my new found fondness of gardening. If only my garden was a colourful as this card. :)

I really enjoyed making this 'Happy Birthday' card. I used clashing papers, ribbon stickers and attempted to perfect my use of wooden stamps.

Finally this card was made using stylish paper from Dovecraft. This would make an ideal card for someone with sophisticated taste.

All these cards will be featured on my website www.fraggiesfripperies.co.uk over the coming days. Or you can take a peek at my auctions on the newest UK auction site http://www.biritzs.com/viewlistings.aspx?Seller=Fragg1es

Monday, 2 June 2008

Crazy Car Booting

When all 'normal' people were snuggled up in bed on a grey sunday morning I was being dragged around the car boot sale. It was cold and grey and drizzling and my bed seemed like a much better option.

Whilst I stropped my way around the boot sale I stumbled across six volumes of Newnes Pictorial Knowledge encyclopedias. Instantly my brain was thinking I could cut up these bad boys and make some interesting stationary with them. They cost a whopping £3 and I made the OH carry them as punishment for the early wake-up call.

It wasnt until I got home and looked closely that I discovered how amazing they were. They dated back to the 1930's and the imagery and descriptions were a riot to read.

They cover a wide range of subjects with lovely illustrations; a few in colour. I couldnt cut them up it would be such a shame and I would love for my daughter to be able to read them one day.

It was suggested to me that I should scan the images I like and print onto a parchment paper, having the best of both worlds. I can still create the things that are whizzing around my brain and also keep a set of wonderful books that in a few years may be worth more than the £3 I..... I mean the OH paid for. ;)

Watch this space for the results...