Monday, 25 June 2012

Clematis Inspired Embroidery

I have finished the collaboration piece inspired by my Dad's sketches. I am quite happy with how it came out and only needed to adjust a few areas to suit the stitching.

I'm thinking it would be quite nice as a purse or little make up/storage bag. I think I may have to get my mum to help with that part lol

Sunday, 24 June 2012


WIP by Handmade and Heritage
WIP, a photo by Handmade and Heritage on Flickr.
I'm working on the embroidery based on my dads sketch. I still need to add details to the buds and also work out what i'm going to do with it. The composition doesn't quite work in a hoop so I think it has to have a squarer shape.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Joy of Having a Creative Family

I have written before about how creative my family is and my Dad is no exception. He is currently working on a joint project with my mum designing and making silk painted cushions. Of the designs i've seen so far, they look like they will be amazing!

I was leafing through his sketchbook and stumbled across an image of some flowers and decided to use it as an embroidery pattern. Please excuse the dodgy photography I had the image scanned from his sketchbook so I could take it home with me.

It is based on a Clematis and i've sourced some colours that would suit. I am hoping to do something a bit different with the finished piece maybe a purse or small cushion. I'm so glad I spotted this because I usually have a creative block for months after a craft fair and don't go near a needle and thread.

This is the progress so far, still a long way to go with lots of detail to add!

Monday, 18 June 2012

Experimenting with Composition

picture 538 by Handmade and Heritage
picture 538, a photo by Handmade and Heritage on Flickr.
I am constantly looking at ways to improve the way my work is presented. I tend to use plain backgrounds of plonk a piece of work up against a decoupaged background. Yesterday I spent a good hour playing with backgrounds, inside, outside, fussy, plain and took shed loads of photos in the process.

Of all the compositions I tried this had to be my favourite. I love the colours and the details I managed to show. Its actually quite difficult to photograph my jewellery as the glass shows reflections.

The actual piece is a development from my first necklaces where I hung it on a length of organza. I think the chain and little charm work quite well.

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Warkton Village Craft Market

Well today was the day of the Craft Market. Early signs were that it could be a wash out as the weather looked gloomy and I had a slow first couple of hours but to my amazement I not only sold something but actually made some money!

I didn't sell any of my embroideries but cards, pin cushions, sewing kits and bunting did well which proved that people like to buy more affordable items and I needed more mainstream products. I didn't have to sacrifice my style to achieve this which was a great satisfaction.

I have to really credit Deanne and Michelle for the effort they put in, keeping us topped up with complimentary tea and coffee and making sure we were happy and having a good time. I think along with Julia of My Little Vintage they have to be the nicest and welcoming event holders i've ever met.

The customers were not plentiful but they were buying and very positive about mine and other peoples work. I think I will have to blog about some of the sellers as they really had a fab range of items.

High point... a lovely lady who really admired and appreciated my work - you cant put a price tag on someone being so kind.

Low Point... being opposite the cake stall! OMG they were the lushest cakes and cookies ive ever seen and being on a diet total torture. I was good and resisted temptation but I could have cleaned her out lol

Friday, 15 June 2012

Experimenting and Testing

Tomorrow I will be at the Warkton Village Craft Market organised by the lovely Deanne and Michelle. Deanne runs Quirky Boots and will be taking on another fabulous adventure opening The Gift Box a proper bricks and mortar shop! It's so fab to hear people are opening up these amazing little treasure troves all over the county.

It's well documented that over the last couple of years of blogging, me and craft fairs have a very turbulent relationship, I pretty much decided to take a break from it all. Warkton Craft Market has been a venue on my wishlist for a couple years now so refusal was NEVER an option. I am more relaxed about craft fairs now and I feel I can present a collection of work which best reflects me as a crafter- and that selling really is not just the only benefit you can take away. I cant wait to meet a new bunch of local crafters (although i'm extremely shy) and learning and listening to them can be really helpful and inspiring.

To give myself a fighting chance I am taking forward a few things I learnt from the last fair I did...

1) People wont buy what they cant see so i've been working on new and interesting displays which are now sat on my dining table being tested to make sure nothing falls apart. Gone will be the baskets that hide everything and tbh look pretty pants.

2) Smiling inanely wont make people talk to you, in fact they will probably run a mile in the opposite direction. Stepping forward and engaging with people and being proud of your work should rub off on the customer. Restrained enthusiasm is the key lol

3) Don't be too despondent if it all goes wrong. I royally threw my dummy out of the pram last time because I let myself down so badly. This fair like the fair before are the perfect venues for crafters (well organised, affordable, good location and marketed extremely well) but I couldn't make it work for me. Upon reflection I learnt that a) craft fairs may not be the place for me to sell and that b) if I did continue I would have to learn from my mistakes and rectify them not just threaten to give up doing the one thing that keeps me sane and that I love doing.

Even despite all the upset over craft fairs i'm soooo excited about tomorrow, there are amazing crafts on offer with lovely people and in a cute little village... what more could I want!

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Something Different

picture 485 by Handmade and Heritage
picture 485, a photo by Handmade and Heritage on Flickr.

I purchased some pendant blanks with a view to make some embroidered keyrings. However in my parcel I received a complimentary glass cabochon and have done a little experimenting.

I really like the results so i've ordered some more and the proper glue to go with it. I might try and encase my little embroideries and see what happens!

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Perching Blue Tit Embroidery

A couple days ago I posted about my Blue Tit WIP. Well here is the finished piece. As always I can find areas that could do with improvement but i'm pleased I tried out a new composition instead of my usual 'side on' embroideries.

I'm taking this lickle lovely to a local craft fair next Saturday (ill blog details in the week) I've pretty much decided that this is my last craft fair as my items just don't sell so i'm hoping to go out with a bang... or a tweet!

Monday, 4 June 2012

WIP - Blue Tit Embroidery

This is the latest piece i'm working on. I realised that I don't think i've ever embroidered a blue tit without using a printed base.

I'm trying out different compositions too, this one will be crouching when finished although I may rotate it slightly as there is alot of negative space at the top. That or I could add an embroidered branch or flower to finish it off.