Saturday, 23 June 2012

The Joy of Having a Creative Family

I have written before about how creative my family is and my Dad is no exception. He is currently working on a joint project with my mum designing and making silk painted cushions. Of the designs i've seen so far, they look like they will be amazing!

I was leafing through his sketchbook and stumbled across an image of some flowers and decided to use it as an embroidery pattern. Please excuse the dodgy photography I had the image scanned from his sketchbook so I could take it home with me.

It is based on a Clematis and i've sourced some colours that would suit. I am hoping to do something a bit different with the finished piece maybe a purse or small cushion. I'm so glad I spotted this because I usually have a creative block for months after a craft fair and don't go near a needle and thread.

This is the progress so far, still a long way to go with lots of detail to add!

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Catherine Flynn said...

Wow, totally amazing. I just think it's a lovely thing to hear that your dad is working on a joint project with your mum on something creative. That's really special. My husband and I both have an eye for vintage and design, and that plays a big part in our relationship, he also loves my craft creations and is really encouraging.