Friday, 31 July 2009

Doily Scarf

Yesterday was quite a fab day! Not because I did anything exciting or even left the house. In the morning I got to watch one of my fave films with 'Smelly One for' the first time (The Goonies) and in the afternoon 'Smelly Two' had a long sleep so I could spend more time with her making stuff. She has always been really good at letting me do my crafts as long as she can get involved and thinks she is a grown up - you'd be surprised how long a four yr old will play with a pair of chunky knitting needles.

She made this as well as a matching bracelet and a purple pom pom...

As for me I was inspired by an idea I saw on the web to make my winter scarf- made from doilies!

I brought lots from a car boot sale for 10p each, I stitched them together in no particular order and added some vintage buttons.

I've also decided to submit some art work for a local art exhibition. I have some idea but I'm not sure if I can achieve it or if its do-able (I need photos transferred onto canvas). I will let you know.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Summer Eh?

This was the scene outside today, so much for the warm summer we were predicted...

We had everything - wind, thunder, lightening, rain and..... blinking hail stones!

*makes note I must weed the garden*

Its only week one of the summer holidays and I have cabin fever already. :)

Alternative Knitting

I have blogged previously about my attempt to make knitting needle bangles. I also sculpted some into a random shape which I made into this...

I moulded the vintage knitting needles using a pan of boiling water. I then knitted a square using blue wool which I covered over a black fascinator base. I then secured the needles using spare blue wool. It has also been lined and just needs a comb attached.

Sorry the photos are rubbish it was taken last night after a long 24 hrs. My son is poorly and spent the night in hospital having tests. Thankfully all he needs is some paracetomol and plenty of TLC.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Bake and Shake

Well the bake part of the title is self explanatory... the shake means that 'Smelly Two' has Colic and therefore needs a lot of shaking (well I mean bobbing) up and down on my knee to get his wind up.... the joys of parenthood.

Wednesday me and 'Smelly One' made cakes ready for her pre-school leavers party. I did cheat with those cupcakes, they were shop brought and iced at home...

This is the mess I made by the way :)

I made these though. :D

Thursday I decided it was about time I tried to make some myself and I'm glad I did. The family now think I'm a domestic goddess. They did taste rather fab if I do say so myself!

Sunday, 12 July 2009

New Tattoo

I got a tattoo yesterday - It was designed by my lovely 4yr old. She loves anything craft related (takes after her mum) and especially loves to draw. She goes on drawing trips with her grandad and her grandma taught her how to use her 'sticking' finger when she started sitting up.

She is strong willed, fiercely independent and at times a nightmare... but she can also be loving and sweet and willing to help anyone. Basically I think she is the best but I am totally biased lol

Friday, 10 July 2009

Fairy Gift Set

Tomorrow is my niece's birthday party. Its a fancy dress theme and of course smelly one wants to be a fairy!

I put together this fairy gift set as my niece also loves all things cute and sparkly.

It contains fairy dust, fairy dream catcher, fairy headband and fairy door. I can't take credit for the door and dust as my mum who is also an amazing crafter made those.

I hope she likes them. :)

Craft Fair and B Movie Swap and Slime Disaster!

I'm very excited to be taking part in a craft fair @ St Marys Church in Burton Latimer - I hope its not crummy lol

Since Chrissy has received my package I thought I would write about what I have done for her. The main item was a head piece inspired by tin foil hats used to ward off aliens. I made a pad covered in lame and decorated it with sinamy flowers and metallic silver tulle. The lining which isn't photographed was done in a green jersey and its attached to the head using a millinery comb.

I also made a lickle softie made from felt and and buttons. Its been stuffed to make it cuddly. :)

Now I did try to make glitter glam slime to go with the monster but it went horribly wrong - see picture below. I tried to buy it but no-where had the colour I wanted. :( Soz Chrissy Oh and Borax is a bugger to get hold of lol

I also included a B Movie book, flying saucer sweets, card blanks and alien die-cuts. I also included a fat quarter of alien fabric.
Have a fab weekend everyone!

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Attack of the 50's B Movie Craft Swap

After dropping Smelly One at pre-school I received my craft swap package from Chrissy @ Spoilt Pig. Chrissy was rather worried I wouldn't like what she had sent but I wasn't disappointed at all!

Before I start there is one omission from that photo and that is the big bar of aero, choccy doesn't stay in this house very long. Oops...

In my package was some very welcome fat quarters (well a bit more than that actually) The colours are gorgeous (photo doesn't do it justice) and I will use them to make something for my upcoming craft fair.
There were also little trinkets which are perfect for my jewellery work. I love random bits on a bracelet or a brooch.

When I was pregnant I ate pop corn by the van load and this was a nice reminder of the days when Harry was still growing in my bump (and grow he did lol). I'm saving this for a fabulously kitsch B-Movie film on Zone Horror.

Now on to the main items....
I've tried resin work before and failed miserably. This necklace is just sooooo cool and I love the image inside. I'm looking forward to wearing this, it's a shame the ladies at nursery will not appreciate this funky item....

I'm sorry for the pants photo and my chunky fingers but I love this ring with its radioactive theme and scary headless figure! I meant to ask Chrissy what she used to create the green flecks, maybe she will see this and let us know.

So, overall I am very please with my package, I'm pleased to report that Chrissy was happy with hers. Later today or tomorrow I will blog about the craft fair I have booked and give details of what I sent Chrissy.

This fab craft swap was hosted by Meridian Ariel. Please click here to see details of the blog and the flickr group.

Monday, 6 July 2009

Finds and Rescues

I've been really busy over the last week or so (and poorly) so I have not been able to blog. These are the recent finds and rescues:

This fabric is so naff its kinda fab lol I brought it for £2 and there is at least 5-10 mtrs of it... bargain!

I really want to learn how to crochet - I even brought the essentials to get me started. Alas I don't have the brain power at the mo (thanks to smelly two waking me up at 5am every morning).

They were 50p each and purchased from a lovely lady. I'm not sure how she would feel about me wrecking these in some crafting endeavour. I wish I had brought the whole lot now...

At the car boot there was a lovely old Italian man who sold odds and sods. Mostly it was a load of tat but I found this gem hidden amongst the ladies purses. Ok so it prolly... ok almost certainly wont have any real age to it I just loved the texture and the feel of it., I could run my fingers over it all day.

I also saved some dolls/teddies from being thrown away. They were 20p each and in desperate need of TLC. I'm not sure the Chained Monkey would be suited to today's PC society but who cares I love him.

Finally.... I grabbed these badges at 20p each. My fav is the junk food one although the Captain Britain badge is quite funky.

Quite a mixed bag this time. :)

I have also today sent my B-Movie Swap package to Spoilt Pig, this is my first ever craft swap; hosted by the fab meridianariel and I'm so nervous but excited about it. I really, really, really hope Spoilt Pig likes it. Check out this flickr group to see all those that took part.