Thursday, 9 July 2009

Attack of the 50's B Movie Craft Swap

After dropping Smelly One at pre-school I received my craft swap package from Chrissy @ Spoilt Pig. Chrissy was rather worried I wouldn't like what she had sent but I wasn't disappointed at all!

Before I start there is one omission from that photo and that is the big bar of aero, choccy doesn't stay in this house very long. Oops...

In my package was some very welcome fat quarters (well a bit more than that actually) The colours are gorgeous (photo doesn't do it justice) and I will use them to make something for my upcoming craft fair.
There were also little trinkets which are perfect for my jewellery work. I love random bits on a bracelet or a brooch.

When I was pregnant I ate pop corn by the van load and this was a nice reminder of the days when Harry was still growing in my bump (and grow he did lol). I'm saving this for a fabulously kitsch B-Movie film on Zone Horror.

Now on to the main items....
I've tried resin work before and failed miserably. This necklace is just sooooo cool and I love the image inside. I'm looking forward to wearing this, it's a shame the ladies at nursery will not appreciate this funky item....

I'm sorry for the pants photo and my chunky fingers but I love this ring with its radioactive theme and scary headless figure! I meant to ask Chrissy what she used to create the green flecks, maybe she will see this and let us know.

So, overall I am very please with my package, I'm pleased to report that Chrissy was happy with hers. Later today or tomorrow I will blog about the craft fair I have booked and give details of what I sent Chrissy.

This fab craft swap was hosted by Meridian Ariel. Please click here to see details of the blog and the flickr group.

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Apryl said...

fabulous goodies.. that pendant is fantastic! I forgot to send my partner some popcorn.. I meant to but when I got to the co-op they had no microwave popcorn! :O