Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Kilt Brooch Loaded with Funky Charms

This brooch was made using a silvertone chain wrapped around a kilt pin. I then added various charms in brass, plastic and metal. I mixed new, vintage and broken jewellery to create a lovely unique piece.
It is listed in on my website if you would like further details.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Beaded Rings and Charm Bracelets

I went a bit crazy last week and ordered far too many beads and charms - oh well you can never have enough eh? I have various stashes hidden around the house so my partner doesnt cotton on to how much I spend.

My favourite buy has to be some vintage charms and cameos. I should have something to show you soon.

With some of my 'stash' I made some lovely beaded rings and a loaded charm bracelet. Charm bracelets are so fun to make I love packing the chain with unusual, interesting bits and bobs.

Here are some examples all of which are listed on my website with more details

Apologies for the photo quality, something isnt working properly - what? I have no idea :)

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Beaded Rings - 'Bling Rings'

One of the items of jewellery I love making the most are beaded rings or 'Bling Rings'. They are so versatile, you can create any look and well the bead and colour combinations are endless. I do some that are a standard colour and style but most are one off pieces, unique. I love randomly picking beads and seeing where it takes me sometimes the most random combinations turn out to look the best.

Here are some examples of past and present creations:

The following examples can be found on my website

Prices start from £2.49 excluding p&p

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Fraggies Millinery

After two years of neglecting my millinery passion I have finally created some headwear. :) Its great to be back doing it, my head is filled with felt and tulle and its great!!!

This piece was made using merino woolfelt fused together and shaped into a fascinator base. I then stole... I mean borrowed my daughters pipe cleaners and attached them to the felt.

This piece was again made with fused merino felt with a yellow net sunburst and net Dior roses.

I know they are not exactly 'Mother of the Bride' material but it was fun to do. I usually find after creating a piece a more 'ready-to-wear' design will evolve from it.
I am currently working on my third piece so watch this space for more pictures.
Fraggie :)