Tuesday, 24 February 2009

My chugga chugga is broken....

I had to say a sad farewell to my computer today. The 'ole box of technical mastery finally cut out one last time. Today my lovely oh purchased a much finer, faster and quieter machine. Its sadly lacking in any character - but who cares when the load speed is 100 x quicker. :)

Its a slow process uploading software, digging out old passwords and adapting to this flat screen thingy but hopefully in the next few days I will be back.

Friday, 20 February 2009

Charity Shop Rummage

Yesterday I took a rare trip to town with my daughter. We went around the charity shops and below is some of we came home with. Jessica also managed to get two dinosaur toys and a book.
A girl can never have too many patterns and buttons lol

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Craft Fair or not to Craft Fair...

I've been offered a pitch at a local spring fair in mid May, only issue is im due to give birth on the 27th April lol. Luckily I have fab parents and a partner that are willing to help out. Its just a case of trying to get as much together between now and then... oh and hope that twiglet cooks on time.
Meanwhile today; assisted by my darling daughter I finished off the hair accessories requested by my nieces. No doubt there will be tears as they are not exactly the same. :)

I have also made these lickle fabric accessories, the one on the left is attached to a hair comb whilst the other is a brooch.

Tuesday, 17 February 2009

The Most Miserable Model Ever...

I have made some hair accessories for those girlie girls out there. My daughter wasnt a willing model even after payment of a bowl of sweets!

I think i'll try again when shes more willing and we have a bit of sunlight (chance would be a fine thing).

More Experimentation...

I am still struggling with the sandpaper I think 400 is too coarse so will try 800 later.

I've already received a wholesale order for some rings so i'm chuffed that I have an excuse to gas the house out. :D

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Using New Media

Yesterday I tried a new media - resin. I've been wanting to experiment with it for ages and my mum was a star and paid for the basic supplies. Below are my first attempts using glitter, sequins, fabric stars, mesh, paper flowers and fake greenery. I am really happy with the results but need to work on getting rid of the air bubbles.

I stuck in ring attachments to two of my designs which made funky rings. All I need to do is the finishing and polishing.

I have so many ideas buzzing in my head including so intersted fascincator designs... watch this space.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow, Creating and Computer Problems...

Well it's been a busy few days! Firstly my puter started to cut out so i've had plenty of time to indulge in craft making. We then had more snow our way than I ever remember, so me and the daughter spent lots of time throwing snowballs and building snow dogs (didnt have the energy to do a full snowman lol).

Here she is doing a snow angel....

Below is some of the things I have been creating over the last few days, alas my camera has run out of batteries so I could only photo a few.

Beaded bling rings in funky emo colours. These will be available to buy on my website soon.

I've never tried the below before, I liked the shape and design when making twiglet's mobile and decided to turn these into brooches. Not 100% sure if they are saleable yet but who knows.

I went on a major charity shop rummage a couple weeks ago and found a tin full of buttons. I used a few to turn into button rings which will also be listed on my website soon.

I've also been working on some more funky fascinators as well as hair accesories. I am also working on a small range for children.
Thanks for reading. :)