Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Getting Rid of The Clutter

Crikes, I never knew I had so much stuff! To make way for new goodies i'm having a clear out. :) Now I have to decide what im going to spend my pennies on.

Monday, 28 April 2008

Experimenting with New Media

I have been very busy working on new projects. These include handmade cards, candles and other various bits and pieces. Below are a few examples, i'm not convinced they have all worked but it's good fun expanding the Fraggies Fripperies range. :)


This celebration card was made using a balloon background with a cupcake designed and cut from bits of card and paper lying around the house. I used a pre-made 'its a celebration' topper.

This gift tag was done by using a sizzix gift tag shape and then cutting up an old superman magazine. These are a great way to personalise gift packaging.

Now i'm not an artist by any means but I really enjoyed painting this miniture seascape. It was done on canvas paper using watercolours then placed into a fridge magnet blank. Its proudly placed on my fridge next to my daughters letters and numbers :)