Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Cross Stitch Robin Christmas Card

I think it has to be at least 10 yrs since I last did any cross stitch. I used to do a bit when I was a teenager but I found the big ones too boring and time consuming.

This little robin only took about an hour whilst watching TV. I think it looks really cute although whether people still appreciate traditional cross stitch is another discussion.

I might make some of these for my Etsy shop, but at least my friends and family will receive one for xmas.

Friday, 21 September 2012

Robin Gift Wrap

I've been making lots of things recently and I wanted to show you some of my favourite makes. I originally made a Robin lino block to use in greetings cards, but having seen how nice it looked I decided to make some gift wrap. I changed the main colour to black and coloured the Robin's breast to add an extra detail. I think it looks really nice and my friends and family will definitely be receiving their gifts wrapped in this design. I'm making lots as I am doing a couple fairs over the next few months and really want a decent haul of stock in interesting designs.

The original use for the block

The finished Gift Wrap

I've also been making some printed 3d bird decorations. My screen printing equipment finally got an airing and I made this simple designs to be used as Christmas decorations (the bird lover in me would have them hanging all year round). I think they look really effective and its something a bit different for those of us that love quirky Xmas interior styling. Some I have kept simple and stylish but i've also experimented with colour and stitching.

Blue Tit

Coal Tit

Blue Tit

In other news I'm organising a craft fair!!! I run a little craft group in our local village and decided it would be nice to showcase their work along with other local sellers. Some ladies have had very little experience in crafting and its amazing to see their progress. I shall post more details nearer the time.... its all very exciting and VERY stressful! 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

The Thrifty Forager

This is my bedtime reading, alas I seem to be suffering from a bout of insomnia. Its comes and goes depending on stress levels (usually near to payday lol)....

I shall blog some recent makes tomorrow or some day in the not to distant future!