Saturday, 6 February 2010

Oh My!

Crikey! Has it been so long since I have blogged? The house move and subsequent decorating have left me with little time to design and make. The children seem to be swapping virus' and colds like its going out of fashion. I am sleep deprived and generally feel poopy (the drugs only work when you can be bothered to put a repeat prescription in - d'oh!)

I am however trying to claw my way out of the depths of winter and crack on with a new design collection that inspired me after listening to Florence and The Machine. My favourite track is Cosmic Love I could sit for hours with this song on repeat sketching away in my notepad.

I leave you a picture of the Swan Nebula, this image has given me the colour inspiration I need for my new collection... one which I will actually try and showcase instead of locking away in a cupboard.... I will, I will, I WILL!!!