Saturday, 18 April 2009

What I have been Making..

Yesterday we went on a trip to buy our pram for twiglet. I am so happy with it and will no doubt shower this blog with photos once the box has been opened and pram assembled. :D
Looking around the store they had some gorgeous lickle toys for bubs but at fairly hefty prices. So in try fraggie style I decided to have a bash at my own. Here is what I have made and I am very pleased if I do say so myself.

It was very easy to construct just cut six squares to your desired size and sew together adding ribbon into the seams. Make sure you used safety approved wadding for the filling and finish off with a lickle embroidery. The embroidery is very naive looking which im hoping adds to its charm lol

What can I do next......

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Car Boot Keyrings

Yes I somehow managed to drag myself around our local boot sale and was pleased to find a couple of keyring collectors reducing their stash. They cost between 10p -20p each and i'm hoping to clean them up and turn them into jewellery. :)

Meanwhile preperations for the new arrival are nearly complete, ive given up on the oh doing the nursery so it will have to wait. We are ordering the pram tomo and if all goes well it will be a wicked deal. All will be revealed once I have defo got it lol

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all, I hope no-one is suffering the effects of choocy overload. :)
My sister has asked me to design her a tattoo, it's to signify a new chapter in her life and she thankfully loves it. I can not wait to see if on the flesh, there isnt a better way to permantely display your artwork lol

Here is are my latest bargain finds... The fabric is sooo funky, I have no idea how it will be used but so far I am maybe thinking cushion covers????
My OH found this t-shirt hiding in the mens section, it brought back memories of one of my fav films as a child and has maybe inspired a new direction for Fraggies Fripperies. All will be revealed soon.

Meanwhile in the Frippery household the oh has sneakily dodged nursery painting duties in favour of playing snooker. Does he not realise it's not wise to avoid a hormonal pregnant woman.? :D

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Kitschy Kitchen Finds

Im loving this snacks bowl, im guessing its 70's or 80's and was yet another charity shop find. I think im going to use it to display my jewellery at the craft fair.

I also found this butter dish. Recently i've been keen on having a 'family breakfast'. I like to put on a bit of a spread for the oh and daughter so i'm collecting breakfast utensils.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Alternative Cross Stitch and Buttons

I saw some wicked cross stitches (the website addy escapes me oops) so I decided to give it a try myself. I've always enjoyed stitching but got easily bored with the twee designs.
These are my two favs and will be put up somewhere in the home where my daughter can not read them! (Im thinking the cleaning cupboard as im the only one that goes in there)

Meanwhile i've been madly working on items for my craft fair. I'm thinking my stuff may be a little too niche for the local craft event but we shall see what happens.

Also I have a piccy of the stash of buttons my oh sweetly brought me as a lickle surprise. Apparently there are 300 but tbh i'm not planning on finding out.

Oh and here I sneaked a piccy in of my latest craft shop finds. Along with the frames you have seen already pictured I found these cute album covers... still need some inspiration on what to do with them.

Friday, 3 April 2009

My Charity Shop Finds and a De-Stash

I went book hunting on my visits around the charity shop and come away with some kitsch and funky finds. My fav is the Bunty Annual thats a great read!

I have also noticed that my bits and bobs collection is getting slightly out of control. I have around 300 buttons arriving in the next few days so have decided to have a de-stash of some of my much loved but unwanted buttons.
You will be able to find these on my website and on (in the very near future).