Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all, I hope no-one is suffering the effects of choocy overload. :)
My sister has asked me to design her a tattoo, it's to signify a new chapter in her life and she thankfully loves it. I can not wait to see if on the flesh, there isnt a better way to permantely display your artwork lol

Here is are my latest bargain finds... The fabric is sooo funky, I have no idea how it will be used but so far I am maybe thinking cushion covers????
My OH found this t-shirt hiding in the mens section, it brought back memories of one of my fav films as a child and has maybe inspired a new direction for Fraggies Fripperies. All will be revealed soon.

Meanwhile in the Frippery household the oh has sneakily dodged nursery painting duties in favour of playing snooker. Does he not realise it's not wise to avoid a hormonal pregnant woman.? :D

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