Saturday, 18 September 2010

Eric Warburton Art

My Dad has a new website to showcase his gorgeous art. I'm biased I know but I do love his work. My favourite has to be the windmill, I have a strange fascination with them and the colours are stunning. It's even better when viewing in person!

Eric Warburton

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Blackberry Jam

Seen as there is certainly no shortage of blackberries in my area I decided to make some jam. It took a few days to collect enough but the lovely walks more than made up for my impatience.

It was actually alot easier to make and you don't need lots of special equipment in fact you don't need any. I followed the recipe on a bottle of apple pectin and it really was simple to follow. I worked it out that if you used recycled jars each jar cost 53p to make. Better than any supermarket and you know whats in it!

Of course I couldn't not put a pretty top on the jam

So much sugar.... bangs go my diet!

Potted up - I've seen tutorials that say you need to heat the jars, I chose not too and it set fine.

Pretty Lids - I thought that if it tasted horrible I could at least say it looks good lol

It does taste gorgeous and I cant wait to make my next batch to go in my Xmas hampers. :)