Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Kilt Brooch Loaded with Funky Charms

This brooch was made using a silvertone chain wrapped around a kilt pin. I then added various charms in brass, plastic and metal. I mixed new, vintage and broken jewellery to create a lovely unique piece.
It is listed in on my website if you would like further details.


Caz said...

How did you make that???
Its gorgeous!!!
I've always wanted to make brooches!

Fraggies Fripperies said...

Soz for the late reply... been very naughty not updating my blog. Thank you for the kind comments. I used a standard kilt pin and wrapped silverplated chain around it creating the draping look. I then attached various charms to the chain with jump rings. It's much easier to do than it looks. :)