Friday, 31 July 2009

Doily Scarf

Yesterday was quite a fab day! Not because I did anything exciting or even left the house. In the morning I got to watch one of my fave films with 'Smelly One for' the first time (The Goonies) and in the afternoon 'Smelly Two' had a long sleep so I could spend more time with her making stuff. She has always been really good at letting me do my crafts as long as she can get involved and thinks she is a grown up - you'd be surprised how long a four yr old will play with a pair of chunky knitting needles.

She made this as well as a matching bracelet and a purple pom pom...

As for me I was inspired by an idea I saw on the web to make my winter scarf- made from doilies!

I brought lots from a car boot sale for 10p each, I stitched them together in no particular order and added some vintage buttons.

I've also decided to submit some art work for a local art exhibition. I have some idea but I'm not sure if I can achieve it or if its do-able (I need photos transferred onto canvas). I will let you know.

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