Sunday, 2 August 2009

Black Daisy Fascinator

Last night I had some time to make something so I put together this little fascinator. I did try and glue the sequin string to the pad but it looked rubbish so had to hand sew it instead. I then used a black daisy and two leaves and attached it to the base. It has a plain millinery come to fix to the head.

It's nothing special but it will suit almost every outfit.... I hope :)

My daughter wanted pizza for dinner yesterday but I didn't have any pizza bases... so I made it on bread instead.


Glamglass said...

Wow Fraggie That must have taken ages to sew all those sequins!! It looks brilliant! Those Pizzas are making me hungry too!!!

Fraggierocks said...

thanks it is much appreciated x

TCN said...

I make bread pizzas all the time cos the big boxes take up way too much space in my freezer! DD loves them too.

trishiekoh said...

That fasinator looks really good, well done!