Friday, 10 July 2009

Craft Fair and B Movie Swap and Slime Disaster!

I'm very excited to be taking part in a craft fair @ St Marys Church in Burton Latimer - I hope its not crummy lol

Since Chrissy has received my package I thought I would write about what I have done for her. The main item was a head piece inspired by tin foil hats used to ward off aliens. I made a pad covered in lame and decorated it with sinamy flowers and metallic silver tulle. The lining which isn't photographed was done in a green jersey and its attached to the head using a millinery comb.

I also made a lickle softie made from felt and and buttons. Its been stuffed to make it cuddly. :)

Now I did try to make glitter glam slime to go with the monster but it went horribly wrong - see picture below. I tried to buy it but no-where had the colour I wanted. :( Soz Chrissy Oh and Borax is a bugger to get hold of lol

I also included a B Movie book, flying saucer sweets, card blanks and alien die-cuts. I also included a fat quarter of alien fabric.
Have a fab weekend everyone!

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