Thursday, 15 April 2010

Get Me Selling on Folksy

I finally after months of twiddling my thumbs, plucked up the courage to list something on Folksy I used to sell handmade jewellery on the dark side many moons ago but after falling pregnant with my second child and his early months I really was knocked for six. It was tough and I lost my crafting mojo along with my self confidence (not that I had bucket loads in the first place).

Anyways here I am I after logging in this morning... fraggierocks

Ok yes the image is tiny and quite possibly irrelevent, its too early to be taxing my brain like this!

As for today I shall mostly be staring at my inbox waiting for that SOLD notification! Teehee


Juanita Tortilla said...

Ah... I see you've managed the screenshot!

Good luck with Folksy! I've never sold there before... Hope it's nothing but good news for you.

Fraggierocks said...

Just about lol Thanks for the words of support, i'm keeping everything crossed. :)