Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Charlie Dimmock I am Not!

I'm trying to get in touch with my inner 'Titchmarsh' this week by going all green fingered. Not so easy when the previous owners let it slip and everytime I go to dig a hole there is a tonne of gravel underneath. Looks like the buggers just put bark over the top of everything to hide what’s underneath.

I was particulary impressed with my hanging basket. After getting over the initial annoyance at paying £3 more for a basket I could have got from the 99p shop I carefully planned, planted and watered my new little basket of loveliness... only for the birds to come along and use my seedlings as nesting materials. Oh yes those cute little fluff balls are EVIL, they may look harmless but they swoop in faster than you can say "Bird Pie"!

I also seemed to attract every waif and stray this week, I had little people helping me in exchange for cakes. Yes I was shocked about my moment of weakness by not being the streets token scary woman and let the little bundles of joy help weed the gravel. Again this would have been lovely IF they hadn’t annihilated the plants I wanted to keep whilst leaving the boring weeds in the gravel.

Never mind there is still hope for me yet, I am currently reading front to back a gardening book that although tells me i've been planting everything too late and in the wrong place, i'm still doing a couple things right...ish!

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