Monday, 5 April 2010

Bertie (couldnt think of a decent name)

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And here it is the big reveal lol Here is what I have been working on!

This fascinator took a few hours on and off to complete I can tell you. I took an old yellow t-shirt with skull detailing and covered a sinamy base. To be honest you can't really see the fabric that well but it looks nicer under the more transparent beads.

I then loaded it with as many beads and charms I could find using invisible thead to limit the stitch marks. I decided to keep the colours bright and cute. It is lined with the same fabric and is finished with a wide comb.

Even if you hate it could have to admit looking at it puts a smile on your face... well it does on mine. :)

I did stupidly think that I could make a matching bib necklace but that went horribly wrong... shame I didnt realise that until after i'd spent hours sewing the beads on lol

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