Saturday, 18 June 2011

Self Portrait

As part of the drawing challenge (which I am woefully behind on again) it involved drawing a self portrait. I wasn't very impressed at that prospect as I 'don't do' photos. Anyway I was pretty impressed with my attempt and it did capture the essence of me (I wont be posting a real life photo btw). I decided to stitch the same image to see how it would turn out and how my face would change. Apart from looking like a boy it looks OK. I'm pleased with the stitching in places and as ever there is room for improvement, especially the shading/beard on the neck lol

Close up of eye....

... and yes my hair is that crazy!


Kitty Ballistic said...

Wow. Will it sound *really* odd if I say I love your stitched eyelashes? :D

Handmade and Heritage said...

lol no I think thats sounds ok to me and much appreciated too... if only they were that nice in real life hehe x