Monday, 13 June 2011

New Project

I'm thinking the 30 day drawing challenge will have to wait a couple of days. Since I unusually have energy I really need to crack on making stuff for the craft fairs. I will finish it though, i'm useless for not seeing things through and I dont want to let myself down.

Today I made this cute brooch with a nautical theme. The fabric was originally from a mens shirt and I used an anchor button to finish it.

Also a week in the H&H house wouldn't be the same if a bird did not feature somewhere and here she is. Once again i'm unsure of whether she looks good or not, I need to work on subtler ways on using the fabric and I need to sort her feet out.

She started off as a newspaper base and was covered in kitchen roll and PVA. I then covered her in scraps of fabric (I can not chuck even the smallest remnants away) Her legs are wire covered in thread and her wonky eyes glass beads.

I think I need to try again although I may paint the next one if the whim takes me.... which isn't really stocking my craft stall is it???

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