Saturday, 11 June 2011

30 Day Drawing Challenge - Day 10 & 11

I see a pattern of laziness and disorganization appearing here! Yes i'm behind once again but thankfully these two days were pretty simple in terms of deciding what to draw.

Day 10 - Your fav candy

It just has to be, no arguments...

Day 11 - Turning Point in Your Life

I did think about putting the birth of my first child but I really didn't see it as a turning point more as a natural progression of my life. I think the turning point that not only affected me but my family too was when we brought our first home. To be fair its falling apart at the seams but its opened up so many new things in our life. For a starters it got us off a rough council estate with 100's of houses crammed into to small area.  We moved to open space surrounded by fields, a huge back garden to grow and rear and a safe place for our kids to play. I feel calmer, happier and safer and the kids have picked up on that, this makes crafting so much more productive too. I find myself reading Poultry Magazine and Country Living instead of the latest edition of Heat!

I'm certainly no snob but I do like telling people I own my own home, I feel that although my career has failed and has no signs of recovery I can say I have one success my ex repo, 1950s pile of rubble!

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