Thursday, 30 June 2011

Being a Bumpkin - And I Love It!!!!

Ok so today has been a hectic day. I went to town this morning for a mooch around the shops and one of my thrifty buys was this funky apron.

This afternoon between the school run I made this bag. Its slightly bigger than normal as I like larger ones to carry the heavier items and the extra wide strap provides extra support.

I've also had what is supposed to be elderflower cordial brewing for a few days and today was bottling time. I have not tasted it yet I figured that it must be tested in a relaxing sun lounger with a drink in one hand and crafty magazine in the other (sew eco if you are wondering what magazine).

I then dragged my not so 'countrified' other half out to help clean the coop. The chickens have been turned a lovely lavender colour courtesy of their delousing treatment. They were ever so camera shy and slightly irate with me hence the lack of cute purple chicken images. And finally after I concluded that my tatties were not going to be the mother of all potatoes I cut my losses and pulled them... Small but perfectly formed I think!

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x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

ooh what a lovely summery post :) i'd really like to see the purple chickens though!