Thursday, 4 August 2011

Trying New Ideas

As you are all prolly aware by now I have slight obsession with birds, lino cutting and embroidery so it figures to combine the three doesn't it?

Well actually no, the idea seemed cool in my head and at first glance maybe it doesn't look as bad as I see it, but I really think i'm in that less is more mindset today. Lino printing makes sense to create a pattern for embroidery the blocky nature makes it ideal. However the beauty of lino cutting (which my dad drums into me all the time) is that its supposed to be a bit messy, a bit hit and miss, paint in places you necessarily didn't expect or want. I'm guess i am trying to screen print using lino and that's never going to work.

Here is my three for the price of one attempt...

I've also messed about with tea/coffee staining and embroidered highlights to see if that works.

I think some where amongst this mess is a workable idea. Once again i'm putting too much pressure on myself to create something wonderful and once again its dragging me deeper into disheartenment.

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pennydog said...

Don't be disheartened! I really like both of the embroidered examples because I think the embroidery really adds something