Friday, 5 August 2011

My favour bags

My favour bags by Handmade and Heritage
My favour bags, a photo by Handmade and Heritage on Flickr.
As money is tighter than a ducks behind at the mo and a wedding three weeks away I am busily making things to save pennies. I bought packs of brown paper bags from Home Bargains (89p for 10) and decorated them with my own lino cutting design.

Everything in the bags will be handmade and i'll be blogging about it over the coming weeks.

I do have to put a major shout out for my mum who is a legend. Not only does she think of things I really should be thinking about, she's been helping make lots of goodies including at least 40 cutlery wraps! I think she's enjoying it more than me...


pennydog said...

How many bags are you doing?

Handmade and Heritage said...

Im thinking i'm going to need around about 40. (small wedding) The kids are having activity bags so they will have something different. :)

Apryl said...

they look fabulous. And very thrifty. :o)