Saturday, 13 August 2011

Lavender Heart Place Cards

The conversation in our house last week went a bit like this...

Me: What do you think of these instead of place-cards?
Him: Why cant you just fold a piece of card in half and write their name on it like everyone else does!
Him: Oh they are lovely.

So since he liked them so much here are my place-cards for the wedding hehe. I brought a vintage tablecloth from my local charity shop a while back and whilst it was a little tatty to use on my table it was perfect to cut up and make into little lavender hearts with little name tags on them. I thought they would look nice placed in a vintage tea cup and everyone could take it home as an extra keepsake.

'Him' the moaning ol' git will just have to put up with my unorthodox, thrifty and crafty ways. He is marrying me after all...

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