Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Screen Printing - For beginners

Last Christmas I received the most amazing gift of a screen printing kit from my parents. I've been hankering after one for some time and finally in AUGUST i've had the chance to do something.

I'm stencil screen printing which is very easy and more cost effective (you can re-use screens) but it does limit you somewhat in what you can design. I have played about and this is my first effort. Ive tried it on different surfaces and the idea behind the design was that I could stitch in the block colours. (soz for poor images)

I need to work on making sure my cut lines are smooth

Printed onto a calico bag

This was printed onto paper and coloured with pro markers

I showed the pieces to my dad and he suggested that they look quite nice just in black, so im working on adding some extra detailing in and hope to show you my progress soon.

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