Monday, 6 August 2012

Robin Red Breast

I shall not even utter... or type the 'C' word. I shall not dare speaketh its name. But for all of those who look to the winter season for business reasons know that the earlier you start thinking about it the better. I'm not sure if the unseasonable weather is helping my design work but i've been designing lots.

This little print isn't purely based on Chris......lalalala I have a Robin that visits my garden regularly pretty much throughout the year. Sometimes I am lucky enough to see two which is quite a thing as they are so fiercely territorial. Anyhow this is my little Robin print which has been created using lino and I have coloured in the breast with my professional markers (the best things ever!!!) Hes been printed onto an Edith Holden book - The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady.

Enjoy and please don't shout at me for being so erm Christmasssssssssssy :P

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