Saturday, 15 May 2010

If I could be half as talented as this designer...

I would be a happy camper. I actually did a little bit of work experience for this designer when I was at college and always kept an eye out to see how he is doing. I was as jealous and jealous could be at the stuff he was creating around me. Alas my career path hasnt taken me down a similar route.

His A/W10 collection is A-mazing! I wish I had thought of it lol Take a look at his work, its fabby!


Debbyanne said...

WOW, he's good. You were obviously very inspired by him. You'll have your own brand one day, your stuff is fab x x x

Fraggierocks said...

I was I think we have a similar style. (when I do designs never to make it to creation lol) I'm totally into the idea of millinery being an art form or a sculpture not just something you plonk on your head. :)

NoodleBubble said...


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