Sunday, 27 September 2009

Craft Fair

Well all that effort, time and money was wasted as usual on the craft fair. My closest competition was a lady selling glitter cowboy hats :) There were some lovely sellers there I just dont think my designs are suited to church fairs. :( Oh well one more next week then i'll be pounding the shops looking for people to stock my stuff.

The move is still going to plan, we should be exhanging contracts this week. We have set a moving date for 14th Oct although it is only penciled in. I really should pull my finger out and get the movie swap done. *eek*

I'll leave you with some pics of my day. The church was so beautiful I didnt take many pics as I wasnt sure whether is was ok to do so. I will defo go back again with my sketchbook.


Leanne said...

Hi, I bought a couple of hair slides from you yesterday. I just wanted to say I love your stuff! Don't be disheartened, your stuff is fab, it just wasn't the right market yesterday I guess. Have you thought about wedding fairs and marketing your products for brides/bridesmaids?
Also, is your website down at the minute?
Leanne x

Caroline said...

Aww, sorry it didn't go so well - you never know, people might have taken your cards and come back to you when they have an event coming up. Fingers crossed!

Re the movie swap - if you want to agree a delay that's completely fine with me; I'm still waiting on some materials atm so I may be a little late myself. It would make sense to hold off a week or two if you're moving, too. What do you think? =)

Fraggierocks said...

Hi Leanne, You were the highlight of a bad day lol Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to contact me. I will be pushing for outlets over the next few weeks. There are a few places in the surrounding area to approach so fingers crossed on that one. I'm not sure what website you are referring to, I did have one called Fraggies Fripperies but I mainly sold jewellery and i'm going back to roots now which is millinery. Btw your mum was lovely, I hope she made some money. :)