Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Whimsy Headbands

I've had to put my materials challenge on the back burner for a while and my Electric Lines collection will have to wait; typical of me really, got my finger in too many pies (before eating them lol)

I'm still working on lots of ideas and projects the latest being my whimsy head bands. I used vintage ribbon to create the band and attached a button and piece of elastic at each end. They were made to fit my head but got my daughter to act as model... they have their uses lol

I'm also involved in my first craft swap which I am so excited about, details to follow when I have time to write about it.
I also went on my weekly nose around the charity shops, crikes you knew Mary Queen of Shops was on last night, they were heaving lol All good news for the charities I guess, as long as I can still grab a bargain i'm happy. :) Anyway I didnt get much just a nice top (to cover the jelly belly) and a needlecraft book to help me fight my way through the trauma that is embroidery. I dont think I have the patience for it but we will see.

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