Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Craft with the Daughter

Well for today anyway as the daughter and I have been hashing together some fairy cakes. Ok I soooo cheated and brought the fairy cakes but we did make the icing heehee.

I wanted to show you my daughters creative side, they say artists are always looking to go back to that almost child like state when creating art. I think the picture is self explanitory (im biased) but I was amazed when she started talking and said the 'foreground' - I have no idea where she got that from lol She had a fab day down by the river yesterday with grandad and artist Eric Warburton with her sketchbook and 'artists chair'. Four years going on 40 lol

Once again i've gone off on another tangent craft wise. I wish I had the ability to stick to one thing and develop my skills rather than being average at a few things.

I'm working on some artwork maybe to exhibit. After my trip to Tate Modern im feeling inspired to paint. I wish I had done an Art and Design course at college instead of Fashion. Hey ho, we live and learn.

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