Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Embroidered Pocket Watch Pendant

As you may all be aware I love birds, I love embroidery and I also love capturing trinkets, designs and odd bits in old pocket watch cases. (This case isn't vintage I found it in Coleman's of all places!)

I started out with a felt base and soon discovered I couldn't sketch on the design on it so I stitched it freehand with no pattern. It actually wasn't too hard and I really enjoyed 'sketching' with my needle.

I've kept this little goldfinch for myself but im hoping to add a range to my shop soon.

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Catherine Flynn said...

Hi there, I love your bird in the pocket watch, it's really cool. Is Colemans a shop in the UK? I'm looking for more pocket watch cases for my dioramas. Great blog, really inspiring. Hope you might like to see my pocket watch too, it's under the label diorama x Cath