Monday, 26 September 2011

Upcycled Christmas Tree Decoration

Well the wedding has been and gone and it really was a lovely day - just how I imagined but without the punch up! Since the wedding i've been like a lost puppy so the only thing for me to do was knuckle down and focus on something else...... Christmas yay!

My OH given the choice would go on holiday for the month before Xmas because I turn into Martha Stewart's more obsessed and over the top sister. He's particularly worried that i've started this early but it was either this or another baby.... and we are never going there again btw

So here is my first Xmas decoration. It's made from a charity shop find. I purchased a lovely embroidered tablecloth which unfortunately had a big stain on it so i've cut it up and sewn it into a ball. Its been stuffed and hung it on twine. It is quite a large decoration but if you buy a real tree like we do you find you need the odd bigger piece to fill up any negative space. (yes I do take it that seriously lol)

I've got enough tablecloth to make a few of these so they will be available online and in my folksy store soon.