Sunday, 23 November 2008

What I've Been Making...

I've been setting aside some time to make some bits. I am quite happy with both I really enjoyed making them. Lets hope some else likes them too. :)

Punk/Goth Hair Piece - Anti Christmas

This funky hair piece was made using a tartan ribbon in the dior rose style with black netting background.This would make the ideal hair accessory or even a cool gift for someone with a love of alternative fashion.
The approx size of the hair piece is 6 x 6 inches.
£6.99 + £1.00 P&P

This brooch was made using retro/vintage ribbon sewn into a dior rose/rosette shape. It has a simple safety clasp on the back.This is a funky piece for someone with alternative style.
The approx size of the brooch is 3 x 3 inches.
£2.99 + £1.00 P&P

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